R Squared Automation Ltd.


Russ has over twenty-five years of industrial work experience with electrical, measurement, instrumentation, and automation systems.  Russ focuses on how the whole data system works together, from the field devices to the corporate historian, ensuring that it has long-term maintainability, reliability and accuracy. Most recent work has been forming and leading a technical team for designing, engineering and commissioning thermal oil sands facilities in Northern Alberta.   Much of this work has been centered on the need for measurement as required by ERCB directives (including developing MARP’s and EPAP work).  Prior to this, Russ was engineering and commissioning various automation and data communications projects for the oil and gas industry.  Previous commissioning and maintenance work was at power plants and pulp mills, working on automation systems, power distribution systems, and on electrical and instrumentation field devices.  He enjoys training and sharing the “hands on” knowledge and experiences that he has acquired over the years.  Russ is competent with most standard windows based software as well as the major industrial automation hardware/software products.  Since 1996 he has been contracting his services, skills, and tools through his own corporations.